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After outgrowing our previous ecommerce systems, we invested many hours in understanding all aspects of ecommerce, so that we could make an informed decision. This time, we needed a cutting edge agency that could grow with us and have the knowledge to undertake custom work. We did consider web design agencies from all over the UK but we found an unrivalled level of graphic design paired with powerful ecommerce and SEO in Chameleon.

We work closely with the team at Chameleon and see them as a valuable extension to our own company. Their attention to the smallest detail is impressive. I have always been impressed with their ability to get our projects right the first time with no amendments. As a perfectionist, I have not come across this before.

The content management system has been developed from the ground up by the same team. You quickly understand the benefits of this when you begin to understand how simple and clean it is. It just works and I have yet to be told by the team something that cannot be done. This is another advantage of the system as we have had a number of fantastic custom projects completed.

One other thing I have noticed is that Chameleon never cut corners and compromise on quality which I have noticed with most other companies. They always use the best services, for example the web hosting is the ‘best of the best’ and without getting too technical, you can just tell by how clean and super fast the website works.

Over the last few months, we have dramatically seen our website climb up the natural search engine rankings and our page rank rise with Google.

Director James, is always straight talking and approachable. His knowledge of ecommerce is unrivalled and he is considered an expert within the industry.

The quality of the websites really do speak for themselves, we are looking forward to releasing our exciting new projects in the near future.

Adam Kershaw
Aqualine Ltd Group