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Comparison shopping

Price comparison site product feeds

Price comparison websites have become increasingly popular over recent years. They act as an e commerce advertising platform, such sites include Kelkoo, Pricegrabber, Shopzilla and many more. Essentially these sites provide web shoppers with a simple method of comparing product prices and features offered by numerous competing websites.

Listing your products with price comparison websites requires what is known as a product feed. Each company (comparison site) has their own specific formatting requirements for the feed itself. XML, CSV and TXT are the most common formats. We have created feeds for most of the known price comparison sites for numerous clients, these feeds are linked to the website content management system and are scheduled to run normally on a daily basis, ensuring the comparison site always has a recent version of your product content.

Our content management system allows you to select which products are fed to which comparison website. We also ensure that sales through your site that came from a price comparison site are fully tracked through Google Analytics.